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Shanghai Minhang District

Main Tasks
l 对自动化测试设备进行组装,调试 (包括:机械组装、电气接线等)
Conducting assembly and trouble-shooting operations on automated test systems. Including mechanical part installation and electrical wiring.
l 运用电气设计与自动控制常用软件完成系统改动
Conducting machine adjustment on electrical part by using electrical design and motion control software.
l 对接客户实时需求,并且及时反馈给相关设计同事
Collecting onsite customer needs and feedback timely and report to relevant designing colleagues.
l 在设计者的指导下解决现场技术问题
Solving onsite technical problems with the guidance of system designers.
l 在指导下参与客户沟通与方案设计工作
Being involved in designing stage
l 对于设备问题进行返修
Repairing damaged parts.

Basic Requirements
l 机械、仪器仪表,机电一体化,电气自动化等相关专业背景
Education Background: Mechanical, mechatronics, electrical, electronics, automation related major.
l 具备较强的动手能力与问题钻研能力,熟悉CAD图纸阅读
Strong Hand-on skills and problem-solving Capabilities
l 具备较强的抗压能力,愿意接受现场挑战性工作;
Strong anti-pressure capabilities, and strong willingness to accept challenging on-site tasks.
l 具有机械和电气非标系统实际现场安装/集成、调试、维护经验
Have non-standard machine (contains mechanical system and electrical system) on-site installation/Assembly, debugging, and maintenance experiences.
l 熟悉电气图纸,具有电气接线经验
Have electrical wiring experiences
l 熟练使用计算机中的日常办公软件, 例如 Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook 等
Familiar with using ordinary office software, for example: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook etc.
l 具备运动控制设备调试经验者优加
Familiar with the trouble-shooting of motion control system
l 在工作中可使用英语
Can communicate by English at work fluently
l 有电子测试设备组装经验者优加
Have electronic related test system assembly experience

Working Language : English


ID 733


  • Job Category
    • Engineer
  • Job Type
    • Full Time
  • ¥100k - ¥200k Yearly
  • Experience required : 2 years
Concentrated Fields
  • Auto and Auto components Testing
  • Process control and Intruments
  • Fuel cell and Hydrogen energy
Partner Fields
  • Network Technology
  • Integrated Circuit
  • Life Sciences
  • Education and Training
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