ADAS Test System Engineer

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Verify customer requirements and how we can implement them leveraging our system. Work together with customers to update and modify the requirements as applicable so they better match Konrad System design process
Lead the sales team from a System design perspective to draft / correct / update presales-design for ADAS-HIL ADAS-recording/reinjection related projects in order to meet customer’s requirement until we close the orders successfully
As needed lead the execution of Demos, POC efforts with customer DUT/ products to deliver trust in our technical capabilities
4、支持项目团队将客户 DUT(被测设备)与我们的测试平台集成,确保 DUT 和测试系统之间的通信稳定且可行。 并与客户一起解决 DUT 方面的各种问题
Support Project team with Customer DUT (Device under test) integration with our test platform. Ensure communication between DUT and test system is stable and workable. And work together with customer in case of any issues from DUT side
5、根据 自动驾驶硬件在环测试/自动驾驶数据记录和回注系统项目售前阶段的初样设计和客户提供的规格,考虑设计成本、安全性和时间限制的影响,最终确定详细的系统设计。需要根据客户规范,与供应商的系统工程师合作,集成来自供应商的子系统。
Finalize the detailed System Design of AD HiL Sensor Fusion Test System/ AD data record and reinjection projects based on Predesign in Presales stage and customer provided specifications, considering the impact of design cost, safety and time constraints. It needed due to customer specifications incorporate sub systems from suppliers as needed. co-work with system engineer from suppliers to integrate the system successfully
6、根据客户要求,设计和执行基于 HIL 方法的模拟控制器环境设计与自动化设计,包括ADAS ECU, 传感器,VCU, 电池,引擎等在内的电气元器件的测试环境建模和PCBA校准
Design and implement simulated controller environment based on HIL methods, including the automation, involves testing environment modelling and calibrating PCBA,electrical components such as ADAS ECU, Sensors, VCU, Battery, Engine, etc. as per customer requirements
Conduct test tasks with the cooperation of mechanical engineers, electronics engineers and software engineers and other related engineers to guarantee successful HIL project related execution.
Develop the HiL test plan strategy & design test verification proof we can cover customer related requirements during acceptance
9、根据客户要求,负责自动驾驶硬件在环测试用例开发(包括环境建模、调试, 以及失效分析);
Conduct AD HiL system test case Development, including testing environment modelling for PCBA and electrical components, and calibrating as per customer requirements.
Diagnose and test CAN BUS and control system in AD HiL system as needed.
Work with customer to Build up and AD data record and reinjection system within a vehicle. Conduct review and troubleshooting as required to meet customers’ expectations.
12、带领 FAE 团队监控和操作用于测试产品的仪器和流程。 这些任务可以包括组装、校准、改进和对测试设备进行维护。
Lead the FAE team to Monitor and manipulate the instruments and processes being used to test products. These tasks can include assembling, calibrating, improving and performing maintenance on test equipment.
13、在产品交付到客户现场之前,使用完成的 自动驾驶硬件在环 /自动驾驶数据采集与数据回放系统工作台领导客户需求的测试和验证
Lead the Test and Verification of Customer Requirements with the finished HIL Workbench / data recording system before delivery to customer site
14、根据合同向客户提供 自动驾驶硬件在环 /自动驾驶数据采集与数据回放系统相关培训,作为整个 HIL 项目的最终交付项目,直到客户签署培训记录。
As per contract deliver AD HiL Sensor fusion test equipment and AD data record and reinjection system related training to customers as an item of the Final delivery of the complete HIL project until customer is signing the training record.
Support and continuously improve HIL solutions from Konrad based on Customer needs in China
Self-improvement on technical skills, as well as continuous learning on new upcoming technologies to understand the needs of customers in the future in order to be able to provide cutting edge technology to Konrad client base in China.
As instructed by HR or Project management department, Provide on-the-job training and lectures to junior software engineer, application engineer and field application engineers on HiL Test/data recording and related topics according to company needs.’

Working Language : English


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  • Job Category
    • Engineer
  • Job Type
    • Full Time
  • ¥300k - ¥500k Yearly
  • Experience required : 3 years
Concentrated Fields
  • Auto and Auto components Testing
  • Process control and Intruments
  • Fuel cell and Hydrogen energy
Partner Fields
  • Network Technology
  • Integrated Circuit
  • Life Sciences
  • Education and Training
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