Function Safety Engineer

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Shanghai Pudong District

Job Description:

  • Plan, coordinate and monitor project functional safety activities
  • Collaborate with project managers, development teams, suppliers and customers on functional safety and SOTIF activities, coordinate confirmation/verification reviews with different teams and parties to ensure the safety standards are being met throughout product development cycle
  • Lead Safety Analyses (HARA, FMEA, FTA, STPA )
  •  Develop SOTIF safety framework to support the release of the ADAS products
  •  Lead SOTIF activities for AD/ADAS system up to Level 4(e.g., ACC, AEB, APA, HWP, TJP)
  •  Develop safety architectures in accordance with ISO 26262 to ensure the safety of AD/ADAS system
  •  Develop Functional Safety Concept for AD/ADAS system up to Level 4 (e.g., ACC, AEB, APA, HWP, TJP)
  • Develop Technical Safety Concept for AD/ADAS system or Sub-systems within AD/ADAS system bound-ary to implement the FSRs
  • Support safety requirement implementation on Hardware/Software level
  • Lead safety verification and validation activities in various levels
  • Direct contact with customer, AVL expert network and AVL Helpline
  • Support department skill-team leader for technical proposal support
  •  Support sales team with presentation material and customer visits
  • Understanding of International and Chinese GB Standards required for functional safety and control system development
  •  Representing the professional image of AVL at all times
  • Joint responsibility for project success and customer satisfaction
  • Read and interpret development results. Plan and take corrective actions as required
  • Dedicated commitment to safety & quality assurance
  • Strong communication and alignment of development findings in the project team
  •  Professional overview of automotive industry and functional safety trends


Qualification & Requirement:

  • Technician college certificate, Bachelor degree or above, major in Electronics, Computer or Automation engineering
  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience (Bachelor, 5 years’ experience for Master) in functional safety or Software or Hardware development of Powertrain/Chassis/ADAS systems.
  • Strong motivation for self-development in ADAS/AD system
  • Familiar with ISO 26262, ISO 21448, SAE J2980 and GB/T 34590
  • Knowledge of requirement development and requirement engineering
  • – Knowledge of safety analysis techniques (FMEA, FTA, DFA, STPA)
  •  Demain specific knowledge on ADAS system and the sensing technology
  • Knowledge about software and electronic hardware
  • Good communication skills, and presentation skills – Good team player, self-motivated.

Working Language : English


ID 653


  • Job Category
    • Engineer
  • Job Type
    • Full Time
  • ¥20k - ¥25k Monthly
  • Experience required : 5 years
Concentrated Fields
  • Auto and Auto components Testing
  • Process control and Intruments
  • Fuel cell and Hydrogen energy
Partner Fields
  • Network Technology
  • Integrated Circuit
  • Life Sciences
  • Education and Training
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